What makes us unique is our Course Content Development Services

We aspire to create, and create to inspire! Our team produces engaging, memorable and pedagogically aligned eLearning experiences. Saving you time, money and resources. All content is produced in our own studios, allowing us to achieve the highest levels of quality at a cost-effective price.

Service Overview

Content Development

We aspire to create, and create to inspire! Our team produce engaging, memorable and pedagogically aligned eLearning experiences. Saving you time, money and resources. All content is produced in our own studios, allowing us to achieve the highest levels of quality at a cost-effective price.

Content Conversion

We can help you convert and digitise files to popular learning formats such as HTML5 or SCORM. We’re experts in building content with tools such as Captivate and Storyline - but our talents go much further. We’ll work with you to create animations, videos, games, marketing materials and more. Our solution recommendations are always underpinned by the relevant, proven learning theories to make sure your learning is effective.

Scripting and Copywriting

We have in-house writers with a broad range of skills; from fiction and screen scripting to copywriting and beyond. They are qualified and capable to conceptualise, research, write and edit polished manuscripts, learning materials, articles and other written content to best suit the targeted audience.

Instructional Design

Our team creates and didactically aligns multimedia and audiovisual content and assessments that evaluates, recommends and implements instructional technology. Doing so enhances the learning experience and aligns the final outcome with the curriculum goals and instructional requirements, ensuring knowledge retention and training efficacy.

Voice Overs

We have voice over artists in house to help you record emotive narration for all of your projects. We have a wide range of vocal talent and language isn’t a barrier to us. We can provide translation services for all learning materials to ensure your learning reaches every corner of the globe. Recording is conducted at New Leaf studios. You can also record your very own voice or we can help get you the perfect voice talent for your production.

Sound Design

We use sound design as a tool to tell a story. It can be utilized not only to create an atmosphere in motion design but also to amplify the motion or animation on the screen. It will help your learners resonate with the content, keep them engaged. Practical audio motifs can encourage better knowledge retention.

Audio Editing & Mastery

We use digital audio software for digital audio editing, including lecture enhancements, cleanups, cutting, timing etc. Our audio engineers edit digital audio for the highest possible quality, synchronize recorded audio with the related content slides (via audio markers), then output broadcast ready audio in the format that best satisfies the required needs. These efforts result in polished audio elements that amplify the overall learner experience.

Story Boarding

New Leaf will help you dust off those old ideas and help you conceptualise refreshing and memorable new content. We’ll interpret your ideas and help you visualise them cohesively. This is an important step in the planning stages of any production. Get your thinking caps on and jump out of that box because we love hearing about your ideas and augmenting them with our own creative thoughts.

360 Video & Photography

Here at New Leaf, we have the right people who are keen and understanding of trends in digital and visual storytelling and what makes social and streaming video compelling. We are passionate and not only able to work with 360 content creation but creatively ideate on how to make 360 content look and feel fresh and also have highly interactive functionality to really drive your audience engagement.

Video Production

Our Video team consists of Cinematographers and Post Production gurus that execute film shoots, video editing, animation and audio content. We help you design and shoot video concepts and offer high quality video content to meet your desired outcomes. We have a fully equipped green screen studio and we can even augment your video content by making it interactive. You can view our show reel using the link below.

Interactive Content

Our award-winning content development team will help you produce bespoke interactive and engaging eLearning content with compelling instructional design and game based learning elements included. Work with New Leaf and be challenged to think differently, we will help you develop your vision from concept to delivery. Interactive content is more than simply reading or watching. In return for that engagement, participants receive real time, hyper-relevant results they care about.

Music Production

Our talented music producers and composers create only the highest quality, royalty free music tracks for your stories and learning modules. You get catchy and memorable music made in sync with any video or script, making sure the music is personal to the client and unique to the market place. New Leaf and our partners ensure that your project will hit all the right emotional notes, every time. We create bespoke music just for your project be it for learning, a cinematic experience or for marketing jingles.

Game based Learning

The core concept behind game-based learning is teaching through repetition, failure and the accomplishment of goals. Video games are built on this principle. The player starts off slow and gains in skill until they’re able to skillfully navigate the most difficult levels. Games that are planned and designed well will offer enough difficulty to keep it challenging while still being easy enough for the player to win. We harness your learners competitive nature and keep them engaged.

Virtual Reality

While VR adoption has been a bit slow across the board, educators are certainly finding some nifty ways to use this technology within the classroom. Used correctly, this technology can be employed by teachers to create some innovative learning opportunities for their students. VR, MR and AR are acknowledged as superb approaches to provide highly immersive learning experiences. Our VR solutions come at an affordable price point.


Animations add humor and entertainment to your eLearning experiences, as well as create more positive eLearning conditions. They also make it more interactive and engaging. One of the most convincing arguments for including animations in your eLearning strategy is that it is the ideal bite-sized eLearning activity. The use of animations makes eLearning easily digestible, as it simplifies complex ideas and tasks by offering a visual representation. For example, employees have the chance to see how the cartoon eLearning character performs a work-related process and interacts with the customer.

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