eLearning Solutions

We’ll elevate your training to it’s full online potential by making it easy to create and deliver powerful blended, social, adaptive, and personalised learning experiences.

Ready-made Courseware

Although our off the shelf courses are generic, it will feel like these have been made just for you! We have over 20 thousand courses you can select from individually, as curated bundles or through a subscription to suit your learner's career paths. Download a catalogue to see our current range of new and popular customisable courses.

MVST (My Virtual Safety Training)

MVST has an offering of over 60 micro-learning courses that utilises VR simulations and gamified experiences to improve engagement, content retention, and provide a visual learning experience designed to support Total Worker Safety™

MVST features an array of safety training subjects tailored for a South African context.

Computer & Soft Skills

This course is designed to teach students the in’s and out’s of critical workplace required computer skills.

Career Development

The ”Career Development” courses are aimed to equip students with career advancement soft skills.

Cyber Security

Our comprehensive Cyber security course will empower your organisation on how to best bullet proof your organisation against the dark world of phishing, email and cloud security.

Over 20 000 courses

We are more than happy to give you some of our time for free to discuss your eLearning strategy. To better prepare us for the discussion it would be helpful if we knew a little about what you were looking to achieve.