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In the fast-paced world of eLearning, where knowledge knows no bounds and education is just a click away, one challenge looms large: the generation gap. As businesses and educational institutions embrace digital platforms to deliver learning experiences, they must navigate the diverse needs and preferences of learners spanning multiple generations. From Baby Boomers to Gen
South Africa is a beautiful and wondrous country, but it isn’t a country without problems. Of these problems, three have been hot topics at the center of all discussions: load shedding, inequality, and education. While solving all three of these problems is paramount, solving education may be the key behind solving the other two and
Instructional design
In today’s dynamic educational environment, the move towards online learning has intensified significantly. With technology continually transforming how we learn, the importance of Instructional Design in creating successful eLearning programs cannot be overstated. Here we seek to delve into the essential role of Instructional Design in shaping captivating, informative, and educationally effective online learning journeys.
Imagine an education system tailored to each learner’s unique needs and learning style—this is the promise of artificial intelligence (AI) in education. Beyond mere technological innovation, AI marks a fundamental shift in how we deliver, understand, and retain educational content. Before exploring AI’s transformative impact, let’s revisit its origins and the models of human cognition
Reflecting on a Non-Traditional Journey As the Production Team Lead at New Leaf Technologies, my journey has been anything but conventional. With a background (before joining New leaf) planted in advertising and Digital Marketing, my transition into the realm of eLearning has been marked by a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and innovation. It was