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Transformed Training
At New Leaf, we have witnessed firsthand how the eLearning industry has been reshaped over the last four years. It has not been an easy journey for our clients – with most needing to adapt and reimagine how their training takes place.  In order to acknowledge just how far we have come since Covid, I
South Africa’s private security sector
In the evolving landscape of South Africa’s private security industry, with almost 10,000 companies and nearly 2.7 million registered personnel, the security industry is placing a growing emphasis on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of its officers. In an environment where violent contract crimes, including murder and rape, sadly persist, the recognition of the
meets the training needs of security personnel
In the heart of South Africa’s private security sector, the number of security officers surpasses that of the police force by a staggering 4 to 1. In 2022, according to figures from the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), there were almost 2.7 million registered security guards, compared to the 140,048 on SAPS’ books. Every
Importance of Graphic Design in the eLearning industry
Designers with a strong Graphic Design background may be the advantage your company needs when working in the eLearning industry. Graphic Design serves an adaptable method in the eLearning environment as it can be used to enhance visual appeal, while supporting learners and keeping their interest throughout their learning journey. Complex ideas can be simplified
high stress security training
In South Africa, robust security personnel and services training are not just a necessity but a lifeline. To help organisations navigate this challenging terrain, we recommend the following for a comprehensive training program: Core skills and competencies Key touchpoints Simulation in training programme design Use of eLearning